Duo Exhibition | Julius Stibbe & Jurre Blom

2 March - 11 April

Cloud Gallery proudly presents a duo exhibition with Jurre Blom and Julius Stibbe. 

Jurre Blom:

My paintings and drawings are images that are, to a certain degree, incomplete. You can find numerous narrative elements in my works but they never reveal the full story. I want to show authentic moments that, through the painting and drawing process, become almost surreal. The scenes are, in a way, ‘in-between-moments’. Something significant seems to already have happened or is about to happen. The images look familiar but what are the characters in the works doing? Are they at a party, at a meeting or at a courthouse? How are the characters related? Are they related? The characters seem to play supporting roles in the life of an elusive main character. Or are they all playing supporting roles in each others lives and is in that way everybody equally important or unimportant like we all experience ourselves during the passing of a day? The uncanny feeling and confusion that arises by portraying those moments is what I am interested in. The not knowing. The paintings and drawings are made in a fairly realistic way. I find it important to maintain clarity through an extensive accuracy in representation in order to gain a certain anonymity. The works are essentially emotionless representations of a subtle absurdity within reality. 

Julius Stibbe:

What interests me most in my artistic practice is how people can be affected by a work of art. This connects all my paintings. What induces this emotion? Is it the specific way of painting? The colour? The light? The subject matter? Obviously there is no clear, singular cause for this. 

The balance between intuitive and conscious decisions create a certain amount of tension in my work. I think it is important that the viewer is free to interpret my work in a multitude of ways. There is no predetermined truth.