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Off The Wall

29 June - 5 September

Caren van Herwaarden

Marleen Kappe

Charlotte Schrameijer

Hinke Schreuders

Curated by Titia Voute

Opening 29 June from 19:00 - 21:00

Stunning work by four distinctive artists will decorate the walls of Cloud Gallery during the summer months. Attached with nails and magnets, displayed in boxes, embroidered and suspended on delicate frames. The works presented in the exhibition ‘Off The Wall’ explore the boundery between the two dimensional and the three dimensional. They are not flat, but rather artworks produced with use of unorthodox materials that perforate into the physical space in their own unique way.

“Off the Wall” is a group exhibition with Caren van Herwaarden, Marleen Kappe, Charlotte Schrameijer en Hinke Schreuders.