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Diary 2017 - Chantal Spit

20 October 2017  -  extended until 10 January 2018 

The paintings in the upcoming exhibition were made in Copenhagen, Stegeren and Amsterdam.

I wanted to surprise myself and get out of my routine so I abandoned my studio completely and decided to work on paper instead of canvas and focus on experimentation. 
I found great pleasure in working with different materials such as ecoline, ink and acrylics, sitting on the floor of the places where I stayed.
In search of inspiration I looked at the people who inspire me, read about them and started to paint their portraits. 
I was not concerned with the results; rather just making notes of my fascinations, dissecting images, playing with colors, lines, forms, contrasts and compositions.
Whatever happened during the day influenced my search for inspiration. Many of the portraits were a reaction to current events. Daniel Day Lewis’ decision to quit acting, the passing away of Harry Dean Stanton, a certain song playing on my car radio, an article in a newspaper, a poem or an interaction with my students.
The sources of my inspirations became my work.
Up to now I have made about 70 portraits.

By showing a selection of them i hope that the viewer in turn finds inspiration.

This exhibition opens on 20th October. Extended until 10 January 2018