Down memory lane image.jpg

(Down) Memory Lane
Thomas Elshuis

In the footsteps of Piet Bezemer
1 March - 18 April

Amateur photographer Piet Bezemer (1914-1998) left thousands of slides to a good friend. More than 20 years later, artist Thomas Elshuis presents some of these fascinating vintage images to the public. Memory Lane is a selection of printed slides on canvas. They are hung in such a way that they move, as it were, when you walk past them. 

The works are wonderfully nostalgic. An authentic Kips caravan in an empty landscape, particularly beautiful old Beetles driving in the snowy Swiss mountains, a view of New York in the '60s, a fishing boat with a skipper in a Greek harbor and cheerfully colored Volkswagen vans on the Schiphol tarmac bringing passengers to a KLM aircraft. These are just a few examples of the wealth of original slides from the '50s,' 60s and '70s shown in this exhibition.