In Between

May 19 - June 28

Cloud proudly presents "In Between" curated by Herman Lijftogt.

Herman Lijftogt (Former Director of Galerie GIST) curates an exhibition together with artists who discover an extra dimension in their practise of painting, drawing and sculpting. Although works differ based on material and story, they have in common that their works transcend their original medium. 

The artist drawing 3-dimensional work, the painter who is using the wall in the perforated work, the sculptor who is using the placement of the wall to emphasize the absence of the floor.

Participating Artists:
Jonna Balk (Vinkeveen)
The works of Balk imagine monumental spaces with the impression of decay. It is a composition of fragments united into a wall object.
The choice of material and treatment are very important in this process. 
By damaging, disintegration, rust, discoloring of paper, wood and metal there arises a strong coherent image, where color and perspective are the decisive parts.

Gabriele Basch (Berlin)
It’s clear that Basch is originally a painter. Where in the past her paintings showed her fascination for light, now she uses paper where by means of cut-outs the image gets perforated. By opening the image the possibility appears to create 3-dimensional work. The reflection on the wall is an essential part of the work. In her last works the maps of Syrian refugee camps were the motivation for thrilling pieces.

Maartje Folkeringa (Amsterdam)
The works of Folkeringa are colourful and humourous. In a playful manner she refers to images from advertisements and mocks the designs and the displays companies use for attention.The exhibition shows a few works that refer to the zenith, an ambition to be victorious over the competition. Next to these works Maartje shows abstract works with sense of detail which have other references. Fake nails and trendy colours call for associations with objects very present in daily life

Steve Johnson (London)
The roots of Johnson’s work are fascinations for psychological and philosophical approaches. “You see more of the mountain from further away“ became the striking description of the series of high-placed wall objects. As a viewer you’re forced to step back to see the whole work. From that series Steve shows one work. From the most recent work ( architecture as a psychological model) two pieces will be shown in the exhibition. In essence we are seeing 3-dimensional work where the floor is either missing or inclined. The colour refers to impersonal designs usually found in English hospitals. They also refer to emotional experiences people tend to feel in such buildings. 

May 19th from 6-9 PM
Prinsengracht 276



Watching Forever, Forever

June 2  -  September 6

Cloud and Adam&Siam are proud to present their first collaboration and upcoming exhibition "Watching Forever, Forever".

"I want to watch you forever, let me watch you forever. It is that I am only truly happy when I watch you, ever." 

With works of Fauve Bouwman, Danny Griffioen, Sam Hiscox, Menno Kok, Maureen Marck, Charlotte McKelvie, Sebastiaan Pagano Mirani and Lana Prins.

"Watching Forever, Forever"
02.06.2017 - 06.08.2017
Rokin 93, 1012 KM Amsterdam (Adam & Siam)

opening hours:
everyday from 12 PM - 1 AM