Baby_Blue,150x120cm, acrylic and oil on canvas, 2012.jpg

Behind The Scenes

Chantal Spit
7 October - 22 November

Cloud Gallery proudly presents the solo exhibition Behind The Scenes by Chantal Spit.

Since the start of her career, people have been an important subject in Chantal Spit’s work. More recently though she has also focussed on still lifes where fruit and vegetables are at the forefront.

She acquires her inspiration through her own photographs, as well as from the internet, magazines and at her local market around the corner from her home.  By combining all of these different sources of inspiration Chantal constructs the  imagery of her paintings, creating a new reality where these inspirations intertwine.

The manner in which she portrays her subjects: encapsulating from above, mysteriously from behind or confrontational as the subject looks the viewer straight in the eye. They all share Chantal’s melancholic and uncanny atmosphere that she manages to convey with minimal visual information. 

Opening 13 October from 17:00 - 19:00