Jur de Vries

15 September - 25 October

Cloud Gallery proudly presents a solo exhibition by Jur de Vries.

Jur’s paintings are influenced by animations and comics but rather than evoking happy childhood memories they contain much darker symbolism.

Jur dissects iconic characters and then reconnects them up to a point where they become barely recognizable. The scenes are disturbing and bizarre and the once so innocent characters become addicts, schizophrenics and perverts in Jur’s composed paintings.

Nowadays the general public is manipulated with images of happiness and beauty. It is not only fake but it is also hijacking our minds and making us unhappy.

Jurs work is a personal note to the viewer in which he makes his own statements about society; for instance the pretentious art scene or the lack of tolerance for homosexuals.
His highly skilled paintings lure us in and when he has caught our attention we are being confronted with the darker side of society which is much closer to the truth.

Jur de Vries graduated in 2018 from Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, Utrecht.

He was nominated for several prizes among which are: Dooyewaard Prize, Buning Brongers Prize, Jan Zumbrink Prize and Startpoint Prize.