Jan Schilthuizen


Jan Schilthuizen (1993, Leiden) is a half Dutch, half Chinese-Malaysian photographer and visual artist based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

He suffered from acute mental illness between 2015 and 2016 caused by neurological Lyme disease. As his own perception of the world changed while he was ill, so did his reality. The world around him did not only feel different, it also looked and sounded different. This experience left a lasting impression on him and plays an important role in the direction in which his photographic work is heading. 

Since then he has been exploring the delicate balance of the human state of mind and the relation between our perception and reality. In his work he investigates how our minds perceive and process the outside world and how that perception is in turn obscured through our memories. He does this in an ambiguous way and with a melancholic aesthetic, exuding an estranged sense of unreality to the viewer.