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Angelica Tulimiero

23 November - 16 January

“Tako Tsubo is born from the subtle and frail research about torment.

Tako Tsubo is universally recognized and included in the official list of illnesses, also known as the syndrome of the broken heart.

Tako Tsubo is an ancient pot the Japanese use for fishing octopuses.

Tako Tsubo is the shape the heart assumes, in a reversible way, during the syndrome and is the same as the Japanese pot.

Connection between ceramic and pain.

Hence Tako Tsubo is born….

The pot turns into a container of memories, of torment and feelings, of hope and soft melancholy, of resignation that becomes a place of light although liable and elusive.

Tako tsubo is a tale of pain and his elaboration, pain of lack, of what it could have been, but has not, the pain of helplessness.  It also talks about processing loss through creativity, been healed …

Companion for months, torment, led me by the hand to the epilogue… Dim light, gloomy, although light.”